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1. Spreads the heat

By placing a fan in the heat stream of your heater, warm air is distributed through the room more efficiently and faster. As a result, the temperature in the room will feel comfortable sooner and you won't need to heat for as long. To do this, set the fan to the lowest setting and preferably facing the ceiling for optimal air circulation!

heat in conjunction with your fan
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2. Increase humidity

Wind chill is highly influenced by humidity. If the air contains little water vapor, the human body loses heat faster - this can make the wind chill feel colder than it actually is.

Example: 19°C feels like 17°C at 10-20% humidity, while it feels like 19°C at 50% humidity.

So keeping the humidity level in your home is not only good for your own health and the indoor climate of your home, but also for your energy bills! Tips to increase your humidity in your home:


Diffused water vapor

Leave your shower door or dishwasher open after use to allow the water vapour released to diffuse through the room.


Drying on clothes rack

Skip the dryer and let your laundry dry on a rack - less power consumption and good for the humidity (win-win).


Air humidifier

Choose a humidifier to keep the humidity in your interior at a constant level.

How much can I save?

*Respected soon | Fill out the calculator below and calculate how much you can save on your energy bill.

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3. Flip the switch

By taking a critical look at the rooms and times when you heat, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary energy costs. Did you know, for example, that a lower temperature in the bedroom actually has a positive effect on your sleep? A lower temperature stimulates melatonin production, so the optimal temperature for your bedroom is between 15°C and 18°C.

Are there other rooms you hardly ever visit? Then turn off the central heating in these areas.

smart heater

4. Use a smart heater

With a smart thermostat or electric heater you can indicate in no time when and where heating is required. Do you own a Threesixty or Edge? Then you can easily set schedules via the Duux Smart app. An additional advantage of an electric heater is that in combination with solar panels you can heat your home energy-neutrally - good for the planet and your wallet.

🌱 Tip: Use eco mode to use only half the power of your electric Duux heater .

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