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Improved mating mode in the new Duux app

Improved pairing process

Connecting your product has never been easier. Simply install the app, add your product and you're set. In case the pairing process fails (we doubt it 😉), you'll receive more detailed information on the reason why - so your product will be connected in no time.

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Indoor Climate View

The new Climate View allows you to see the actual status of your indoor climate per room at a quick glance.

Historic data

See how your Duux products contribute to improving your indoor climate. You can easily find all historic air quality measurements (such as PM2.5, temperature and humidity) in a detailed graph view.

Historical data graph
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Improved scheduling

With the new scheduling feature, you easily set how warm, cool or humid your room should be at the desired day and time. That way, your favorite Duux devices are active only when needed and your energy consumption drops.

Hey Google

Use your voice to monitor and control your indoor climate with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Easily adjust speed settings or switch between different functions without lifting a finger.

Duux Voice assistants

What are the differences between the two apps?

Pairing Process info

Supported networks info

Dark Mode

Climate display per room

Historical dates

Schedule function

Voice Assistants

13 dxch09 threesixty app

Duux (Gen 1)


2.4 GHz





Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

13 dxch09 threesixty app


BLE or WiFi

2.4 GHz + Dualband





Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Which app is right for my product?

Duux (Gen 1)
Duux (Gen 1)
You can find the serial number on the back or bottom of the device. Enter a valid serial number

Frequently asked questions

Currently there are two versions of the Duux app available; Duux (Gen 1) and Duux. Starting this fall, our electric heaters will be delivered with a new WiFi module that is only compatible with the Duux app. Here you can easily enter the serial number of your Duux device, so you know immediately which app is suitable for your product.

Both our Threesixty 2 and Edge electric heaters are compatible with the Duux app. Here you can easily enter the serial number of your Duux device, so you know immediately which app is suitable for your product.

No, an account is not required to use the Duux app. So you can start connecting your appropriate Duux devices immediately after downloading. Would you like to share your account with the rest of the family or use additional features (such as schedules, charts or voice assistants)? Then, on the other hand, creating an account is required.

Unfortunately, because the WiFi module in the device is different, this is not possible.

Sure! We continue to provide support for the Duux (Gen 1) app.

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