What are the warranty conditions?

All items purchased from us are covered by the statutory warranty. Legal guarantee means that a product is or should be what the consumer may reasonably expect from it. For some products there is also a manufacturer's warranty. This guarantee does not affect the legal guarantee.

All Duux products have a warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase. 12 months manufacturer's warranty and then 12 months limited warranty. We guarantee the repair of defects caused by material and construction faults free of charge during this period.

Warranty period:

  • The warranty period will not be extended, even in the case of repairs;
  • The warranty entitles you to have your product repaired, but not to exchange or return a product.
  • Duuxs obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts as necessary and within the warranty period.
  • Duux reserves the right to improve the design of any product without any obligation to modify or replace previously manufactured products.
  • The warranty can only be invoked with the original proof of purchase in combination with the defective product. Your warranty must be registered with us when warranty service is required.

The warranty is void in the following cases:

  • If any alterations or repairs have been made or arranged without the prior written consent of Duux;
  • Normal wear or damage resulting from an accident, carelessness, lack of maintenance, misuse, improper use or the use of accessories and parts not manufactured by Duux, as well as modified and/or disassembled parts;
  • Defects resulting from use or maintenance that deviates from the user manual;
  • Purchases made from second chance parties. Examples of these parties are: Buybay Services B.V. and Retourdeals. These products have not been checked and/or repaired by us and therefore we cannot offer any quality guarantee.


  • The warranty period commences with the purchase of the product and is validated at the time of online registration at www.duux.com/register.
  • In the event of a dispute regarding the product guarantee, Duux reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding guarantees.