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DXCF Whisper front high

Whisper Grey Renewed

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19 reviews
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Meet the whisper-quiet fan that surprises you with a gentle breeze, a strong gust of wind and everything in between. The Duux Whisper has 26 settings. So you will always find the perfect airflow strength. And the best part is: it doesn't matter where you are in the room, because thanks to the horizontal and vertical oscillating function, it brings a pleasant coolness everywhere.

Note: This is a refurbished article. These have been technically checked and found to be in order, but may contain very light user traces and/or damaged packaging. The full warranty applies.

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Note: This is a refurbished article. These have been technically checked and found to be in order, but may contain very light user traces and/or damaged packaging. The full warranty applies.

Dreaming away in a natural wind

Meet the whisper-quiet Duux fan that surprises you with a gentle breeze, a strong gust of wind and everything in between. The Duux Whisper has no less than 26 settings. So you will always find the perfect airflow strength. And what's even better: it doesn't matter where you are in the room, because thanks to the horizontal and vertical oscillating function, it brings a pleasant coolness everywhere.

Multiple speeds and directions
The Whisper lives up to its name and is one of the quietest fans of its kind. The little sound it does produce is reminiscent of the wind you hear rustling outside. The Whisper can switch between different wind speeds and airflow directions on its own, if you wish. The height is adjustable and the fan turns left and right as well as up and down. This way, the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Perfect for large spaces
This fan is characterised by its enormous power. A strong stream of cool air is blown up to 15 metres away with ease. Ideal if you want to cool down a somewhat larger space. You can operate the Whisper from your chair, using the handy remote control. Choose the mode you prefer: one speed, 'natural wind' or, for example, the night mode where you are lulled to sleep by the whisper of the wind.

Powerful and silent
Whisper is super-powerful and extremely quiet. Thanks to the smart structure of double fan blades, the product is up to 7 times more powerful than traditional fans. In addition, the Whisper is very quiet with a noise level from 13 decibels.

26 wind speeds
Whereas most fans only offer 1, 2 or 3 different wind speeds, the Whisper has 26. This allows you to determine exactly how hard the wind is blowing through the room.

Timer up to 12 hours
Thanks to the timer, you don't even have to turn off the fan. Decide in advance how many hours you want to cool down. After that time it stops automatically.


  • Height adjustable (76-95cm)
  • Digital LCD display - Easy to operate via an aluminium rotary knob
  • Dual fan for optimum silent performance
  • Geluidsniveau <13dB
  • 100⁰ vertical swing
  • 90⁰ horizontal swing
  • 15m air flow distance
  • Variable speeds in 26 modes
  • 0-12h timer
  • Energy consumption 2-22w
  • Remote control included (Battery DL/CR2025)
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
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EAN code


Product number




Remote control



Rotary knob






1 to 12 hours



Automatic Power Off


Night mode




On Off Switch







The cover of the fan can be easily removed by means of a screw, so that the inside of the fan can also be cleaned easily.


24 months


Power adapter, Remote control, Manual

Header Technical specifications

Technical specifications


3 - 26 W

Power Supply Type

220 - 240 volts

Remote control battery

CR2025 Lithium

Sound level

13dB - 56dB

Header dimensions

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions product

34 x 34 x 95 cm

Width Product

34.00 cm

Depth Product

34.00 cm

Product Height

95.00 cm


4.30 kg

Dimensions Packaging

37 x 27.5 x 37 cm

Header category

Fan specifications

Air displacement per hour

1.750 m³

Wind Range

15 metres

Horizontal Swing



34 cm

Vertical Swing


Height adjustable


Dual Fan Technology



DC Motor, dual fan blades

Instructional videos
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Adjusting height

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Installation & Replace Battery Remote Control

The difference between the two models is mainly in the extra Smart functionality with which you can control the Whisper Flex Smart via the Duux app. In addition, the Whisper Flex Smart has a luxurious matte finish instead of a high gloss and the option to function wirelessly with a charging dock and battery.

On the back of the Whisper White you will find a small white button at the height of the extension. When you press this button and lightly push on the handle of the fan, the extension is released. You can then adjust the fan in height.

If your Whisper Gray makes a scissoring noise, the fan blade is probably mounted the wrong way round. The pins of the shaft should fit into the notches of the fan blade.


19 reviews

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19 Reviews -
  1. wilvwij checkVerified Owner

    Very quiet and easy to move!

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  2. rb checkVerified Owner

    Ein guter Kauf! Der Ventilator funktioniert sehr zuverlässig. Er ist kräftig und leise. Sehr empfehlenswert!

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  3. sascha99 (via Bol.com)

    My mum has had this fan for over a year now and got through the summer really well with it. She wouldn't let me borrow it (hehe), so I bought it for myself a few days ago! Putting it together is very easy, if you feel that it is not 100% stable, just tighten the bottom part a bit more. It is very stable for me, it is very quiet and that is a relief compared to my ceiling fan. I can sleep at night without it feeling like a helicopter is hovering over me.

    It's a lot of money, but it's worth it! Since my mother has had it for 1.5 years and it still works great, I dared to buy it.

    The fan is also a nice model, so I am completely satisfied.

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  4. Charlie78 (via Bol.com)

    Works well and is very quiet. The fan can also be set to different heights and can blow all the way to the top, which is very nice. The fan has many different settings and a remote control. I can recommend it to everyone for a cool night in your bedroom.

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  5. JoyceG (via MediaMarkt)

    In fact, I can only agree with all the good words from others that led me to buy this fan.

    Fine, quiet fan with many possible settings.
    Can make a kind of circle, go back and forth on its own, go from top to bottom or stand still and blow in one of the many positions.

    Super easy operation, e.g. from the bed, by remote control.

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  6. Ramirezzz (via Bol.com)

    I am a light sleeper, but this fan makes so little noise that I hardly realise it is on. Very nice when falling asleep! Not disturbing at all. It is very easy to assemble. It is very stable. With 26 settings, you have more than enough choice. I am happy with my purchase!

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  7. Chantalino (via Bol.com)

    I was looking for a fan that is quiet at night and this one certainly is. It is also nice that it has so many different settings. The design and finish is also great. Really happy with this purchase.

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  8. LauraKB

    A beautiful fan that also works super well. So many settings that one is always just right. It's not very high, but you don't need it because it can blow in all directions. It also comes right above our bed, which is what I was a bit afraid of. But the nice thing about it is that it's so easy to store compared to the big fans. And, super quiet. Had a lot of fun with it already! Pricey, but I think it's worth it.

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  9. Peter (Via MediaMarkt)

    Really good fan with many settings and possibilities. Even on the lowest setting, it provides a lot of wind. It's also great for use at night because it's super quiet. It may be a bit more expensive than others, but it's a good buy.

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  10. Willem (via MediaMarkt)

    This fan is extremely quiet and has a strong air flow. Apart from its beautiful and modern look, it is also cheap to run. During the last hot days, it has become my friend and keeps the bedroom nice and cool.
    It is a bit expensive to buy, but don't let that be a barrier because it is well worth it.

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  11. Fietsmeneertje (via Bol.com)

    This is really a top fan with many settings and it is really quiet.
    Of course, it makes more noise the louder it runs.
    But this is the first fan that I can use in the bedroom and fall asleep with it.
    It has many settings, such as automatic horizontal and vertical rotation of the head, height adjustment, night setting, a comfort setting (variable speed) and timer setting, and everything can be set with the remote control (except the height setting).
    It is a bit on the pricey side, but highly recommended if you don't want to sit/sleep in the noise all the time.

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  12. Stupot

    I purchased mine on Amazon at a reduced price although it was still more expensive than the one I took out of my bedroom which I purchased last year. I like the colour of this one but in performance, there is really no difference except this is 26 speed and my other 2 fans are 12 speed and they are white. The bonus with this one is you can turn off the display as my other 2 light up like a small Christmas tree in a dark room therefor not suitable for a bedroom. Putting a cloth over it does block out the light but it also makes the remote control useless. The fan is really quiet with a really nice breeze and even though it is lower than my other 2 fans, it is still above the bed. Running costs are very good which in my opinion is important because it can reflect the purchase price. The problem with cheap fans is they are quite high on running costs. I am probably running mine for 200 hours using 5 watts each against a cheap one running for 20 - 25 hours running at 40 - 50 watts. It doesn't seem a massive amount but it all adds up, especially when you take into consideration all the other energy efficient items in your home and then it starts to make quite an impact on your running costs. Although these are expensive, they are brilliant fans and perfect for the bedroom.

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  13. Peter

    I bought this Duux whisper (white) last week, and I like it so much that I ordered another one. If you read the Consumers' Association's fan test, this Duux is actually the best performing fan! The only reason it didn't make the "best of the test" is that it got a point deduction because a child's finger could possibly be stuck through the cage, and I don't know if Duux has solved that yet, because I can't imagine that this is possible with the one I have. Why is it so good? 1) moves a lot of air, 2) is really whisper quiet (of course you can hear some wind rustling, but this is really the quietest fan I've ever had), 3) can really be adjusted exactly to your needs: super many blowing speeds, swinging from left to right, up to down, or both at the same time, 4) remote control and pedestal rotation both work fine, 5) is solidly built and looks nice (matter of taste, but I think it is nicely finished compared to other fans in similar price range, 6) it consumes relatively little power. It may seem a bit expensive at first, but when you see (feel) what it can do, the price is actually not exaggerated at all. You see: I, a rather critical, perfectionist consumer, am totally convinced!!!

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  14. Liis

    Unbelievable product! Amazingly quiet, yet so powerful. Very happy with the purchase. For sleeping even 2nd-5th level (when placed close to bed) is enough, gives just the right amount of wind, but practically no noise. Though it is very quiet even on level 26. It really whispers, I can hear the light sound of wind, but no regular fan noise that other products make.

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  15. ghymes

    I can't express how fantastically wonderful this fan is! I have gone through so many fans in my Amsterdam apartment over the years, from breaking, making too much noise or just not working. I was going to buy a typical (HUGE) fan that was loud and large, but it would overwhelm my apartment. The guy at BCC suggested this brand, I was hesitant at first since it was double the price, but after the easy assembly, I immediately knew it was worth every cent!

    It's the functionally over the quietness that I like. I can finally have a fan in my bedroom at night without overwhelming me with breeze in my face or noise. I can point it anywhere or have it go in every direction! It can be very low or very high in speed, just perfect. No rattling, buzzing or vibrating. I do like the sound the fans make in the background and this one is still audible, but not annoying.

    My only regret is not buying the top model, with the Bluetooth and the battery pack, but this remote is still fantastic and I love this fan. If I had a larger place, I would buy two!

    Read more
  16. Steef

    Last year we bought 2 Duux Whisper 's on our son's advice. Not cheap, but really the best investment in years.
    In a word: top devices.
    Really quiet and even at their lowest setting they provide a lovely fresh breeze.
    We also had a mobile air-conditioning unit, but got rid of it because of the noise, the enormous power consumption and the hassle with the hose to the outside.
    Our Duux Whisper 's work much better. In the current warm period, we take one with us to the bedroom at night. We put it on position 1 and it stops running automatically after the preset time. Ideal and wonderfully fresh. And they look nice too. We can recommend the Duux Whisper to everyone.
    What's more, it's great that this is a completely Dutch product.
    And.........Duux has a very helpful and sympathetic after-sale.

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  17. Romy

    Great! Whisper quiet, great for sleeping. Better than the dyson! And much more affordable, too bad you guys don't have an airwrap.

    Recommend duux to everyone!

    Read more
  18. demi.roelofs

    Super fan! It can turn in all directions, has a night mode and is very quiet.

    Read more
  19. mark.vanderniet

    We chose Duux because it is a whisper-quiet fan. It doesn't lie about that! Ideal for a good night's sleep or for watching TV with a nice cooling breeze.
    Getting it to work with Google Assistant was a bit tricky. But once it's up and running, it works perfectly.

    We are now going to buy a second one for the baby's room. With a battery so that we can also move it around the house.

    Read more
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duux mobile brand big


The silent fan with
limitless possibilities

DXCF Whisper front high
Whisper Remote DSP

Duux Smart App

The Whisper has plenty of intuitive control options, such as the aluminium dial with its high-resolution LCD screen in the middle of the interface. Oh yes, you don't need to get up: you simply operate Whisper with the supplied remote control.

Aluminium rotary knob

Remote control

Multiple speeds and directions

Whisper lives up to its name and is one of the quietest fans of its kind. The little sound that is produced is reminiscent of the wind you hear outside. If you like, Whisper automatically switches between different wind speeds and airflow directions. The height is adjustable and the fan between 76 and 95 cm rotates left and right as well as up and down. This way, the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Height adjustable

90⁰ Horizontal swing

100⁰ Vertical swing

DXCF Whisper front animated
DXCF Whisper lifestyle

Whisper quiet

Whisper lives up to its name. With a minimal noise production of only 13 decibels, this fan is barely audible. Natural wind mode alternates between wind speeds to simulate real wind. Night mode ensures a good night's sleep with minimal noise and an auto-dimming screen.

Separate night mode

13dB sound production

Perfect for large spaces

Typical for this fan is the enormous power. With ease a strong stream of cool air is blown up to 15 meters far. Ideal if you want to cool a larger space. Choose which mode you prefer: one speed, 'natural wind' or, for example, night mode where you are lulled to sleep by the breeze of the wind.

15 metres airflow

Natural wind mode

DXCF Whisper front grille
DXCF Whisper control panel

Every conceivable setting

Choose from 26 adjustable speeds and multiple modes. In natural wind mode, wind speeds alternate to simulate real wind.

The night mode ensures a good night's sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Very energy efficient

Besides being silent Whisper is also very energy efficient. Over a whole day, the fan uses only €0.03* (!) in energy costs per day! This is less than €11 on an annual basis. (* 5W consumption, setting 8, € 0.22 / kWh)

whisper gray energy

Curious about the Whisper Grey Renewed?

Watch the unboxing video!

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Whisper Grey Renewed

The ultimate fan, whisper quiet