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Meet the whisper-quiet fan that surprises you with a gentle breeze, a strong gust of wind and everything in between. The Duux Whisper has 26 settings. So you will always find the perfect airflow strength. And the best part is: it doesn't matter where you are in the room, because thanks to the horizontal and vertical oscillating function, it brings a pleasant coolness everywhere.

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Dreaming away in a natural wind

Meet the whisper-quiet Duux fan that surprises you with a gentle breeze, a strong gust of wind and everything in between. The Duux Whisper has no less than 26 settings. So you will always find the perfect airflow strength. And what's even better: it doesn't matter where you are in the room, because thanks to the horizontal and vertical oscillating function, it brings a pleasant coolness everywhere.

Multiple speeds and directions
The Whisper lives up to its name and is one of the quietest fans of its kind. The little sound it does produce is reminiscent of the wind you hear rustling outside. The Whisper can switch between different wind speeds and airflow directions on its own, if you wish. The height is adjustable and the fan turns left and right as well as up and down. This way, the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Perfect for large spaces
This fan is characterised by its enormous power. A strong stream of cool air is blown up to 15 metres away with ease. Ideal if you want to cool down a somewhat larger space. You can operate the Whisper from your chair, using the handy remote control. Choose the mode you prefer: one speed, 'natural wind' or, for example, the night mode where you are lulled to sleep by the whisper of the wind.

Powerful and silent
Whisper is super-powerful and extremely quiet. Thanks to the smart structure of double fan blades, the product is up to 7 times more powerful than traditional fans. In addition, the Whisper is very quiet with a noise level from 13 decibels.

26 wind speeds
Whereas most fans only offer 1, 2 or 3 different wind speeds, the Whisper has 26. This allows you to determine exactly how hard the wind is blowing through the room.

Timer up to 12 hours
Thanks to the timer, you don't even have to turn off the fan. Decide in advance how many hours you want to cool down. After that time it stops automatically.

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EAN code


Product number


Header properties




Remote control



Rotary knob






1 to 12 hours



Automatic Power Off


Night mode




On Off Switch







The cover of the fan can be easily removed by means of a screw, so that the inside of the fan can also be cleaned easily.


24 months


Power adapter, Remote control, Manual

Header Technical specifications

Technical specifications


3 - 26 W

Consumption Standy mode

0,82 W

Power Supply Type

220 - 240 volts

Remote control battery

CR2025 Lithium

Sound level

13dB - 50dB

Header dimensions

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions product

34 x 34 x 95 cm

Width Product

34.00 cm

Depth Product

34.00 cm

Product Height

95.00 cm


4.30 kg

Dimensions Packaging

37 x 27.5 x 67.5 cm

Header category

Fan specifications

Air displacement per hour

1.750 m³

Wind Range

15 metres

Horizontal Swing



34 cm

Vertical Swing


Height adjustable



DC Motor, dual fan blades

Instructional videos
YouTube placeholder

Adjusting height

YouTube placeholder

Installation & Replace Battery Remote Control

The difference between the two models is mainly in the extra Smart functionality with which you can control the Whisper Flex Smart via the Duux app. In addition, the Whisper Flex Smart has a luxurious matte finish instead of a high gloss and the option to function wirelessly with a charging dock and battery.

On the back of the Whisper White you will find a small white button at the height of the extension. When you press this button and lightly push on the handle of the fan, the extension is released. You can then adjust the fan in height.

If your Whisper White makes a screeching sound, the fan blade is probably mounted the wrong way round. The pins of the shaft should fit into the notches of the fan blade.



60 reviews

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60 Reviews -
  1. Jay


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  2. Jay

    Really nice fan works great!

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  3. Kora Kremer checkVerified Owner

    After sleepless hot summer nights due to our old-fashioned buzzing fan, we now sleep like babies. What a great – indeed whisper-quiet – fan.

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  4. Laura Spooren

    Hi Sjaak, would you please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you with this 🙂 .

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  5. Sjaak

    It is really impossible to pair the device with the app. i have 4 of them and none of the devices want to pair with the app. Worthless!!! Even posting this review is a drama.

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  6. KoalaM checkVerified Owner

    It is a good fan.I recommend it.

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  7. Freek checkVerified Owner

    I have had the DXCF03 (Whisper fan white) for a month now. Initially had a small problem with the same one I bought from an outside vendor but that was duly resolved (thanks in part to the perfect, incredibly friendly customer service at Duux)! Now bought one directly from Duux because the unit itself is simply the best and quietest. It is easy to operate and the setting options are numerous. I can recommend it to everyone! It is not cheap but my advice is....,spend a little more money for something good, it always pays off!

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  8. Patrick Haberzettel

    Ce bijou de technologie est une merveille en terme de ventilateur.
    Extrêmement silencieux 13db le plus silencieux de tout les ventilateurs du marché.
    Facile à monter, prix très raisonnable comparativement à un dyson qui est nettement plus bruyant.
    C'est l'ami de mes nuits,et il fait beaucoup moins de bruit que ma femme
    Tellement satisfait que je prévois d'en acheter un deuxième.

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  9. Pieter

    Fine fan, but whoever thought of putting stickers on the foot should be sent away immediately. Entire foot ruined by those damn stickers. The foot cannot stand sticker remover.

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    • Floor van den Broek

      Dear Pieter, thank you for your review! How terribly annoying to hear, that's obviously not the intention! Have you already contacted [email protected]? We are happy to help you.

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  10. gbongiov

    Ich haben
    Whisper white 1, Generation

    trotz ein zwang Registrierung ....um über meine iPhone duux app 1. Gen die auch nicht bringt und Muss ich immer wieder registrieren..... dann geht's das auch nicht..... die Verbindung zu wifi funktioniert nicht.....
    Sehr enttäuscht
    an sonst ist diese gerät gut...

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    • Floor van den Broek

      Wie ärgerlich zu hören, dass Sie Probleme mit der App haben! Haben Sie bereits Kontakt aufgenommen über: [email protected]? Wir würden Ihnen gerne helfen!

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  11. Anja Out-Boerse

    Happy with this noiseless fan for the bedroom. Easy to put together via the paper manual and video instruction.
    This unit is an asset and definitely recommended. Not expensive for what you get. Highly recommended!

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  12. jdleclef checkVerified Owner

    Quieter can not be! Wonderful product and verknocht! Have already bought 5 of them. Highly recommended!

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  13. Marc

    Very clumsy thing to operate. You regularly have to reconnect the thing with the app and that often does not even work. In addition, you need the app because the controls on the thing itself works terribly poorly.

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    • Laura Spooren

      Hi Marc, how annoying to hear that you are dissatisfied with your product. Is it correct that you are writing about another product namely the Whisper flex? as the Whisper does not have smart functionality. If you have any questions about the app you can always send a message to [email protected]!

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  14. farrukh-01

    Nice and handsome thing. Fits well with the interior.

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  15. Theo

    Nothing wrong with the fan. Quiet and large air displacement.

    Tips for DUUX:

    New models feature a radio remote control that you do not need to aim at the base of the fan. This is sometimes awkward with the current IR infrared remote control.

    Give new models a pole that is approx. 20 cm higher so that they rise above a box spring bed and do not blow against the mattress.

    Optional: hand control with display on the base, slightly more solid with smoother operation. Feels a bit rickety.

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  16. Troii

    I am very happy that I have given myself this fan. I sleep in the attic and am going through a transition. Not a great combination. An air conditioner was out of the question with the cats, who don't like closed doors.
    But with the Whisper the clammy summer nights are over. It's true that it produces no more noise than the natural wind outside.
    Ideal fan!

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  17. M. Tillema checkVerified Owner

    I was looking for a fan that could compete with energy-efficient and silent dc-motor ceiling fans. Duux is a very good alternative, and contrary to the delivery promises of other sites, the delivery here was indeed the next day.

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  18. Cornelis

    Super fine fan. Low noise, does what it's supposed to do. The only pity is that it can't be set any higher. But I do understand that it becomes unstable.

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  19. Gabrielle

    Super fine and low noise.
    My best so far

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  20. Dirk

    Fine fan! Very quiet and many possibilities.
    Just wondering if it can be taken apart again.

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    • Jorg

      Hi Dirk,

      You can detach the top of the fan. This way you can get Whisper right back into the box and store it properly for the winter.

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  21. didier carton

    Je l'ai reçu ce matin. l'ensemble parait bien, facile a monter, relativement esthétique. le silence est important pour moi et je suis satisfait. Seul bémol, il est dommage que l'on ne puisse pas modifier l'amplitude de l'angle de ventilation horizontal/vertical (30°, 60° ou a volonté par exemple). je suis satisfait du produit. a voir dans le temps.
    I got it this morning. it seems nice, silence is a very important thing for me, and it match my wish. just one thing who could be better, it's the swing horizontal/vertical, (more choice than the only choice horizontal/vertical would be nice). yet, I'm satisfied of my purchase. I will see if the product do is job as well in the future. cheers from france.

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  22. Martin checkVerified Owner

    Excellent product. Whisper quite yet powerfully. We bought a second one. There is nothing else like it.

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  23. Milou

    Super quiet in the lowest positions, breeze is wonderful. It is a pity that after a few weeks a ticking sound (rattle) can be heard. It drowns out the sound of the 'wind'. Very irritating when you want to sleep. Taking it apart and reinstalling it has no effect. Too bad!

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    • Jorg

      Hi Milou,

      How annoying to hear that the fan is making a ticking sound. That's not the way it's supposed to be!
      Can you contact service@duux.com? Then we can look at how we are going to solve this

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  24. Maria

    After 13 months, the display no longer worked properly. The numbers were only half displayed. After a very pleasant chat, I was told that this was still within the guarantee, that I had to return the fan and that a new one would be sent to me. Everything was sorted out within one day and now there is a beautiful, whisper-quiet Whisper blowing again. Fantastic service from DUUX!

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  25. M

    What a top fan! It looks very nice and sleek and even at its loudest it is quieter than the one we were using before. It's also great that you can set it to a fixed position but that the head can also rotate vertically and/or horizontally. So you can let it blow exactly where you want. We hesitated for a long time because we thought the price was high, but I think it's definitely worth the money! Highly recommended.

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  26. Wieger checkVerified Owner

    A big 10 for this device! Delivery was already exceptional, ordered late in the evening and delivered the next day at 10:00! Neatly packed and easy to assemble without looking in the booklets. I have the white variant and it looks tasteful with a black front on the fan. 26 settings for the fan, which is comparable to stepless! At the lowest settings, really quiet and already enough airflow! Very suitable for the bedroom. The transformer is also white and the cable is with about 2.5 meters long enough for an optimal placement without extension cords! Operation is simple, especially with the remote control. The soft beeps confirming the commands via the remote control are very practical if, for example, you are lying on the bed or sofa and cannot see the screen. You notice by everything that this device has been well thought out and I can therefore recommend it to everyone! Chapeau for Duux!

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  27. Ria

    Last year, already 2 heat waves enjoyed, soft sound with optimal coolness. Super service when there was a defect you, quickly and very neatly solved

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  28. Silvy checkVerified Owner

    Sleep soundly with this fan! The night mode and setting 1 are enough to fall asleep comfortably. The sound is so soft that it makes no difference to sleeping with your window open in a residential area without busy roads nearby.

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  29. Sabri checkVerified Owner

    Go-well-good! At first I was skeptical because it costs a lot, once installed and what's the wind coming out! The fan is very quiet and has a far reach! The remote control is nice too!

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  30. Headlines

    Quiet indeed, so sleep well in this heat!
    I don't think the smar version is necessary so I'm glad to get the basic flexwhisper again because I think I'll take another one for work. Can that old rattling fan finally get out of there.

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  31. Sarah Nicholaon checkVerified Owner

    My brother had bought one and I had to admit it was a beautiful thing. Still a fan for 100 euros sounded unnecessary to me... but soon all the possibilities were demonstrated and I had to admit that it is really worth the price... and yes it is sold out everywhere (summer 2019). Being able to get one in the winter anyway, what did that feel like until that summer came here and I promptly got a second one for downstairs, because it really is the best, quietest fan I've ever had! So happy now with that heat wave. I recommend it to everyone, especially compared to the PEPERDURE dyson. It's affordable and does exactly what you hope and more... I use it in the bedroom standard facing the ceiling, so that the wind direction from the ceiling is reflected on the bed while turning, genius. The cats are not afraid of it either because it is so quiet and also enjoy the airflow. The only downside is that the display keeps giving some light when it is off but the plug is still in the socket... It would also be nice to buy a cover to store it dust-free in the winter months (I now use the plastic it came in).

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  32. J. Heads

    FINALLY: quiet, beautiful, various functions, so perfect. Indeed, I can now sleep with this fan on, as it is so quiet. I don't think the bells and whistles/expensive versions are necessary, and this 'simple' version has been nowhere to be found for a while. Fortunately, we managed to order a refurbished version from Duux (incl. 2 year warranty). Happy with it 🙂

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  33. Theo

    Do you also recognise the problem of that buzzing mosquito above your head while you were sleeping so peacefully? Mosquito nets for the doors, mosquito nets for the windows, electric insect repellent, mosquito sprays, mosquito nets above your bed and still the problem persists. They find a breeze annoying. Here is our solution. First we bought a fan. It works, but it is too noisy and the speed and especially the vertical movement are poorly regulated. Then the Duux Wisper came into the picture. Speed, height, horizontal direction and controllable with a separate remote control and app. And especially quiet. Placed at the foot of the bed and a breeze just above the head, the mosquito has to look for another victim. So we get through the night in silence. Thanks to Duux!

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  34. David Vlaeminck

    Today I received the normal, non-smart Whisper White via Bol, because it was sold out here.
    Assembly is simple and all parts are well and clearly packed. Despite the fact that this fan is largely made of plastic, it is sturdy and stable enough to my impression, and has a nice compact design so that it blends in nicely with the interior and is also not noticeable due to its noiselessness.
    It also seems to me that a conscious choice was made to use lightweight and strong ABS plastic to minimise operating noise, which is a huge difference from metal fans. The remote control also works as it should and operation is simple, so the smart part is completely unnecessary for my situation and opinion and is not worth the extra price. Also, the telescopic stand is an advantage with this model to easily adjust the height and was another reason not to go for the smart. I am happy with my choice of this Duux, also because it appears to be a Dutch brand and as a Belgian I like to support our friendly northern neighbours with their beautiful and efficient product design! Beautiful and very quiet as described, in terms of durability I can't say anything yet but this looks good given the design and choice of materials!

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  35. Diana

    Super fan!
    Good for the eye and great for the ear! And most importantly....a great cool airflow!
    Also a great service at Duux.
    Absolutely satisfied!

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  36. Diana

    Super fan!
    Good for the eye and great for the ear! And most importantly....a great cool airflow!
    Great service at Duux.
    Absolutely satisfied!

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  37. Ashley Muller checkVerified Owner

    The best fan oooooit! We've had the fan for a week now, but couldn't live without it. So little noise, but so much wind! Absolutely worth your money!

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  38. Mieke

    I bought this fan for the bedroom. I'm very happy with it. What I'm wondering is, I don't find this in the manual, if you can leave the fan on 1 fixed position, so that it only blows in 1 direction. So it doesn't swing horizontally or vertically.

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  39. newcomer checkVerified Owner

    After having tried many fans that were all too noisy, I ordered the 'Whisper White' last year. After the simple assembly, I switched it on and what a relief! Super quiet, easy to operate from the couch with the remote control and numerous settings and options. I am still very impressed by the silence of the device, which is wonderful! It does cost a bit, but then you have a really good fan in your house. I am so satisfied that I ordered another one.

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  40. Edwin

    After a good experience with this fan, we decided to buy a second one. Unfortunately, there was a little problem with the 2nd one. After contacting the support, a new one was delivered 2 days later, while the other one still had to be returned. So we are very satisfied with the service of Duux! We are now using it in the living room, but this fan is also highly recommended for the bedroom because of its silent sound.

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  41. Jeroen

    I bought my first Whisper white in 2019, and I am so satisfied that I now have four in my house. It is perfectly quiet and very powerful. The movement options are not necessary but nice. The sleep timer and night mode are very useful.

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  42. Paul checkVerified Owner

    Finally a brand that understands that a fan with all sorts of fun gadgets above all should be very quiet. What a nice device this is. Nice design, easy to operate but above all very quiet in the low positions. We can finally sleep well without the buzzing and tapping of a fan. Also the TV doesn't have to be louder to get above the fan. In short, we are very satisfied and are going to order them for the children's rooms as well. Highly recommended.

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  43. Marcella

    Never seen and had such a silent fan. Ideal to sleep with. Even in the lowest position you can still feel the breeze.
    The 3D rotation is also unique in the fan world!
    The remote control is very nice,

    We also bought the globe . It is also just as quiet and complete.

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  44. Hennie

    Great fan. Little noise and natural wind. We want another one but unfortunately they're sold out everywhere. Hopefully they'll be back soon

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  45. juggernaut88 checkVerified Owner

    Super! after years of using a cheap fan, this one is really a relief, super quiet and very handy with the remote control, fall asleep during these hot days without any problem, unlike in the old days where I woke up several times by the sound of my old fan, really recommended!

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  46. Catherine

    What a super fan. It does exactly what it promises to do: really quiet at the lowest 3 settings, but still with a nice cooling breeze to fall asleep with. I am very happy with it! I have tried and returned 3 other fans in the last few weeks because they all made too much noise. To be honest, I would have preferred a retro stainless steel one, simply because I like it better and I don't like plastic. But in the end I decided to go for the functionality of this Duux because a stainless steel exterior with the sound of a helicopter taking off doesn't solve the problem you end up buying a fan for!
    I also had some questions and I experienced that Duux offers excellent service and customer-friendliness (thanks to the Duux employee!!).
    I don't think there is a quieter fan than this one! Delicious!

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  47. altman205 checkVerified Owner

    What a fantastic device! You can hardly hear the thing and the design is very beautiful. It consumes almost nothing, what a great innovation! The installation was so done.
    The remote control can be stowed at the back of the holder on the bar so you don't lose it easily.
    I can only recommend this fine fan!

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  48. Paul van Nieuwenhuizen checkVerified Owner

    The fan reinvented
    In my long life I've owned many fans in as many warm countries. Without exception, they all made a lot of noise (and often little wool). Underlying this was an old design with noisy 50 HZ motors with the characteristic irritating buzz/buzz, the poorly directed or balanced fan blades and last but not least the lack of adjustability: max 4 positions. Not to mention the noisy swing meganics and vibrating housings.

    A mini Dakota DC3 in your room. Who wouldn't want that?

    Because in the Netherlands it is slowly becoming tropical as well, the call to a fan became louder. I didn't want to resign myself to a noisy...
    That degenerated into a long search for a quieter fan.
    At one point I was pleased to learn that Mr. Dyson (yes he was) would also be on the shaky path of air displacement. However, the final result of his intervention was downright disappointing. Yes, the design was visually groundbreaking. No fan blades but a futuristic-looking ring from which a strong airflow came out. But what a noise! It looked like a hair dryer at full strength....

    Until... one fine day, I went into a capital gallery for some "eye candy" of the cultural kind and was almost immediately surprised by a pleasant stream of air. I heard nothing and tried to locate the source.
    It took a while, but there it was, in a corner surrounded by two colourful paintings. A rather small fan with a black face and a white base.
    I walked towards it with curiosity. Duux mentioned the white base as well as a digital circle with 11 on it and some other symbols. I still heard nothing except the cooling wind.

    That's where my years and years of searching ended in one fell swoop. At the moment of writing one of them is in my room doing what he has to do: make wind without noise.

    Compliments to the designers

    (c) Paul van Nieuwenhuizen

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  49. Hans

    Very quiet
    Easy to operate
    Easy to assemble
    Top thing

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  50. Sander

    Very fine fan! Convenient to use, quiet, powerful and beautiful design. The only small drawback is that the LED light stays on when the unit is switched off (even if you put it in night mode before).

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  51. Jos Rinkens

    Great fan. So quiet, not disturbing at all. With so many possibilities.
    I only missed in the enclosed description how the operation via LED display functioned. But with some trial and error I found out.
    Highly recommended.

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  52. M. Huyskes

    Great fan, indeed, super quiet. At first, my daughter could never sleep with a fan on because the earlier two I bought made "weird tapping noises" (her words) when swinging. But with this one she sleeps effortlessly. Disadvantage is that the night mode doesn't work as I had understood it from the description. I thought it would become softer and softer in the course of the night. But if I start at night on position 20 (very warm attic room) it still blows really hard in the morning. Had thought it would go to position 1 during the night.

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  53. Dennis Kooper

    Not normal what a great fan this is!
    Compared to others, turning the fin is practically noiseless!
    Absolutely recommended! ?

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  54. Olaf checkVerified Owner

    Great device! I have been looking for a long time for a good solution for my attic room (18m2), which has been heating up enormously during the day since May due to poor insulation. All sorts of things came along in my search. First a plastic 'tower', which was so rickety that I sent it back. Then a, I thought, 'sturdy' floor fan, which made the sound of an engine plane when it was on the lowest setting. I sent this one back as well. After looking at a number of Air Coolers on the Internet, which most likely do not work well in our humid climate either, I ended up with this well-reviewed Duux Whisper . I am very happy with it! As I said, it is very quiet; you can hear something, but it is a bit like water flowing through a pipe and of course the sound of the wind itself. You can't escape it. I also really like the different turning positions, the remote control (super fast and mega handy!) and of course the sleep mode. I put it in front of the open window at night and my room is a lot cooler in no time. A couple of very small drawbacks: (1) the display always stays on (when the charger is plugged in). In the context of sustainability and energy saving, this has not been thought through very well; and (2) a few parts, such as the clickwheel at the bottom and the screw caps to secure it, could have been a bit sturdier. And (3) my papers are blowing away... This is another case of 'cheap is cheap'. It costs a bit more, but then you have something!

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  55. c.hoedelmans checkVerified Owner

    What a top thing! He blows great and so quiet! Night mode and timer are ideal. Just ask me if you can also set the angle of rotation?

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  56. C K Teunissen

    The slowest position is virtually silent, and gives considerable air movement. I bought the fan for single use, and then the slowest setting is sufficient.
    - The design is well taken care of. When assembling the fan: for parts that have to slide together with a rotating movement there are embossed arrows with text such as 'lock' and 'unlock', or 'loosen' and 'fasten'. So I could assemble the fan without a look at the assembly description.
    - The remote control works with infrared signal. There is no need to aim exactly; if I aim the AB at the ceiling, the signal is picked up as well.
    - In case you lose the AB: in the base there is a push-button/turn button that gives access to all functions.

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  57. Alex Trebus

    Ideal, the above accolades are all true, I am also very happy with this purchase, Although I bought the machine via vanden Borre, for the same price only with extended warranty ( fortunately ) because I do not want to miss this thing another day. I'm just figuring out if I can order an extra remote control. Top Product

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  58. Niels

    Super thing, beautiful design. last 3 weeks continuously rotated in the bedroom, during the day at full speed, in the night around position 10, which gives almost no sound, from left to right swinging continuously switched on. Swiveling high low is ideal to set it so that you don't lie full in the wind or sit but feel the breeze sideways for cooling.
    Some comment, with such a nice white device I would supply a white adapter instead of a black one.

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  59. paulveenstra checkVerified Owner

    Top device, you can hardly hear a thing. I think it's pretty much the quietest one available, so it's ideal for the bedroom. The lowest setting is enough for the bedroom. Also very energy efficient, not unimportant since the fan is constantly on on hot days.

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  60. Miranda Mols

    WAAW! What a great device. You don't say a word too much.
    A beautiful design to begin with. Easy to operate. Handy also that remote control.
    What a silence from 1 to 3 and no crazy noises when turning. Our son (7) falls asleep with the fan on.
    If I had to mention a few flaws I would say...
    -display quite bright, but for small children it works like a nightlight, otherwise cloth over it.
    -Book to assemble misses a few steps and a clue, but look closely and you'll get there.

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The silent fan with
limitless possibilities

DXCF Whisper front med
Whisper Remote DSP

Duux Smart App

The Whisper has plenty of intuitive control options, such as the aluminium dial with its high-resolution LCD screen in the middle of the interface. Oh yes, you don't need to get up: you simply operate Whisper with the supplied remote control.

Aluminium rotary knob

Remote control

Multiple speeds and directions

Whisper lives up to its name and is one of the quietest fans of its kind. The little sound that is produced is reminiscent of the wind you hear outside. If you like, Whisper automatically switches between different wind speeds and airflow directions. The height is adjustable and the fan between 76 and 95 cm rotates left and right as well as up and down. This way, the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Height adjustable

90⁰ Horizontal swing

100⁰ Vertical swing

DXCF Whisper animation
DXCF Whisper lifestyle

Whisper quiet

Whisper lives up to its name. With a minimal noise production of only 13 decibels, this fan is barely audible. Natural wind mode alternates between wind speeds to simulate real wind. Night mode ensures a good night's sleep with minimal noise and an auto-dimming screen.

Separate night mode

13dB sound production

Perfect for large spaces

Typical for this fan is the enormous power. With ease a strong stream of cool air is blown up to 15 meters far. Ideal if you want to cool a larger space. Choose which mode you prefer: one speed, 'natural wind' or, for example, night mode where you are lulled to sleep by the breeze of the wind.

15 metres airflow

Natural wind mode

DXCF Whisper front close up
DXCF Whisper controls

Every conceivable setting

Choose from 26 adjustable speeds and multiple modes. In natural wind mode, wind speeds alternate to simulate real wind.

The night mode ensures a good night's sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Very energy efficient

Besides being silent Whisper is also very energy efficient. Over a whole day, the fan uses only €0.03* (!) in energy costs per day! This is less than €11 on an annual basis. (* 5W consumption, setting 8, € 0.22 / kWh)

dxcf03 energy

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Are you still doubting between several models or do you want to compare certain specifications or functions? Especially for you, we have put all fans in one overview! Still can't work it out? Please contact our customer service.


Sound level info

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Wind range

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Temperature-controlled mode

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Recommended price

whisper essence wc thumb

Whisper Essence


13 dB


13 metres

1300 m³


3-16 W





Mat design

34 x 33 x 99 cm


DXCF Whisper front high

Whisper (2)


13 dB

15 metres

1750 m³


3-26 W




Glossy / Matt (2)

34 x 34 x 73-95 cm


whisper flex smart black + battery pack

Whisper Flex

13 dB

15 metres

2300 m³


3-29 W




Mat design

34 x 34 x 51-88 cm

€169,99 - €199,99

whisper flex ultimate black + battery pack

Whisper Flex Ultimate

13 dB

17 metres

2000 m³


3-26 W



Mat design

34 x 34 x 58-103 cm

€199,99 - €249,99

Curious about Whisper White?

Watch the unboxing video!

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Whisper White

The ultimate fan, whisper quiet