Hello. We’re Duux and we are here to help you take care of those little ones you love so much. It’s our goal to make them feel both healthy and happy. We develop soothing light and healthy air electronics, which help you create the best possible environment for your baby or child to grow up in.

Our current portfolio consists of air purifiers, humidifiers and night lights that project a sky full of stars onto your nursery’s ceiling. You’re able to find all these products here. We’re sure you’ll love them. Perhaps because of

their great effect on air quality, which helps your child breath freely, feel fit and enjoy it’s play time more. It could also be their great functionality, ease-of-use, or simply their stunning design.

You wonder why we create all this awesome stuff? Well, clean and healthy air is our expertise and we feel it’s an underestimated aspect in a baby’s room. By taking all the bad out of the air we can improve the lives of the young. It enables us to add freshness to the process of growing up. Hope you enjoy!

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