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How does a mobile air conditioner work?

A mobile air conditioner draws in air, after which heat is extracted from the air by an environmentally friendly coolant (R290). The warm air is then discharged to the outside via an exhaust hose. The cold air that remains is simultaneously dispersed back into the room, reducing the effective temperature in the room.

Unlike a fixed air conditioner, which has a fixed indoor and outdoor unit, a mobile air conditioner can be easily moved or stored when not in use.

Since 1980, the summer has become almost one and a half degrees warmer.

And the number of summer days is also increasing. We would like to tell you how you can make your home as pleasant as possible during the hot summer months.

lower the temperature with a fan or air conditioning

Which mobile air conditioner is right for me?

Which mobile air conditioner is best for you depends, among other things, on the size of the room you want to cool. The extent to which a mobile air conditioner can effectively cool this space is indicated in BTU (British Termal Unit) per hour. To make it easy for you, use the decision aid below to calculate which mobile air conditioner is most suitable for your situation.

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In addition to cooling capacity, there are a number of other specifications to consider when buying a mobile air conditioner. These include the amount of noise the device produces, its energy consumption or an additional heating option.


Cooling capacity info

Max. space at high heat load

Max. space at low heat load


Energy consumption

Night mode

Dehumidification mode info

Heating mode info

Window sealing set included info

Available colours


Weight including packaging


DXMA North K front smart

North 9k

9k BTU



40-50 dB info

100-1000 W

44 x 36 x 69.7 cm

27 kg


DXMA North K front smart

North 12k

12k BTU



52-58 dB info

100-1346 W

44 x 36 x 69.7 cm

29 kg


DXMA North K front smart

North 14k

14k BTU



52-58 dB info

100-1538 W

44 x 36 x 69.7 cm

34 kg


01 dxma10 north 14k front smart

North 18k

18k BTU



55-65dB info

100-2000 W

48.9 x 36.0 x 76.3 cm

42 kg


01 dxma05 blizzard smart front mobile

Blizzard 10k

10k BTU



54-60 dB info

0-1150 W

35.2 x 39.4 x 84.6 cm

27.50 kg


01 dxma05 blizzard smart front mobile

Blizzard 12k

12k BTU



54-60 dB info

0-1350 W

35.2 x 39.4 x 84.6 cm

29.50 kg


What affects the cooling performance of my mobile air conditioner?

Although a mobile air conditioner can effectively reduce the temperature in a room, there are a number of factors that can affect its cooling performance.



The effectiveness of the discharge: Preferably position the discharge hose as short and straight as possible to the outside (without kinks), so that the warm air can be discharged best.


Insulation value

The insulation value of the house: The better the insulation, the more effectively the mobile air conditioner can cool the room. This is also the reason why windows and doors should preferably remain closed when the product is on.


Environmental factors

Environmental factors: As heat rises, a room on a high floor (e.g. the attic or top of an apartment building) may be more difficult to cool. Other environmental factors, such as a flat roof or large windows, also play an important role. In this case, make sure you have good sun protection.

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How do I install my mobile air conditioner?

In the videos below, we show you step-by-step how to install your Blizzard or North , so that you can enjoy delicious cooling in your home in no time.

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