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Suffering from stinging eyes, headaches or chapped lips? During the winter months, the humidity in your home drops - which can bring unpleasant symptoms. A humidifier distributes water vapor throughout the room creating a healthy indoor climate! And did you know that the right humidity can also save on your energy bill?


Saving energy

To keep your body temperature at 37 degrees, your body continuously releases the heat it produces. If the indoor air is dry (like during cold winter months), your body loses heat sooner - resulting in a lower wind chill. With proper humidity, you turn the thermostat down a degree with confidence.


Indoor Climate

Cracks in a wooden floor, piano or furniture, curled up leaves from houseplants, as well as static electricity, all indicate that the air in your home is too dry.



Low humidity can bring health complaints such as dry skin, eyes or lips, irritated airways, headaches, decreased concentration, fatigue or nasal congestion.

increase indoor humidity
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Free additional filter

The anti-scaling and anti-bacterial filter ensures clean and hygienic output from your humidifier. So in addition to 20% off and free shipping, you will also receive a free extra filter with your order this month!

Ready to give your humidity a boost?

With code HelloFreshAir, receive 20% off, a free filter and free shipping on all humidifiers through Jan. 31, 2022.

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