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3 tips for a lower energy bill

Imagine being able to save energy without compromising on comfort. In the spirit of Warm Sweater Day 2022 - the biggest climate campaign in the Netherlands - we share 3 tips with you that will make your energy bill plummet. Good for the environment and your wallet.

Tips for a lower energy bill


1. Maintain humidity

Does your house feel chilly, even though the radiator is set no lower than usual? Then the humidity in your home may be low.

How this works: in order to keep your body temperature at 37 degrees, your body continuously gives off the heat it produces. If the air contains a lot of moisture, your body heat evaporates less quickly. But if the air inside is dry (as it is in cold winter months), your body will lose its heat faster - resulting in a lower sensible temperature.

Example: An absolute temperature of 19°C at a humidity of 10-20% feels like only 17°C, while at a humidity of 60% it feels like 19°C.

By increasing the humidity in your home, you can turn down the heating on 11 February without hesitation 😉 .

Tips for increasing the humidity at home:

  • Leave your shower door or dishwasher open after use to allow the water vapour released to diffuse through the room.
  • Skip the dryer and let your laundry dry on a rack - less power consumption and good for the humidity (win-win).
  • Choose a humidifier to maintain the perfect humidity level. View humidifiers.


A humidifier to increase the humidity in the house


2. Only heat where and when needed

Although this tip may sound logical, it is by no means self-evident. Are there rooms in the house that you hardly ever use? Then choose to turn off the central heating in these places, to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

With a smart electric heater, such as EdgeIn addition, you can easily set schedules that indicate when your room needs to be heated. In combination with solar panels, this will not only make your own wallet happy, but also the planet.


3. Consciously go for a degree lower

We understand that you don't want to spend your day chattering away, but did you know that a lower temperature in some rooms is actually beneficial? The ideal temperature for your bedroom, for instance, is between 15°C and 18°C. Because at a lower temperature, your body produces more melatonin - better known as the sleep hormone - so you sleep earlier and deeper. Good reason to snuggle up extra close to your partner tonight!


Consciously turn down the heating to save energy and get a better night's sleep


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