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whisper flex smart black + battery pack
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Whisper Flex Smart Black + Battery Pack


20 reviews

Whisper Flex: the wireless miracle. Thanks to the free smartphone app and battery, you can use this fan anywhere and take it with you; for example, to your bedroom or that spot in your garden where you like to read a book. It's height-adjustable and effortlessly transforms from table to floor thanks to its horizontal and vertical swing. And the best part? It is whisper-quiet, so you can concentrate on that one book or go to sleep in peace.

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The ultimate fan completely smart and wireless

Wireless wonder
Whisper Flex: the first design fan with the option to make it completely wireless. Thanks to the free smartphone app and battery, you can use this fan anywhere and take it with you; for example to your bedroom or that spot in your garden where you like to read a book. It is height-adjustable and transforms effortlessly from table to floor thanks to its horizontal and vertical swing. And the best part? It is whisper-quiet, so you can concentrate on that one book or go to sleep in peace.

Less is more
The fresh, modern design of the
Whisper Flex sets new standards. With its attractive, sleek looks and ultra-modern LCD display controls, it feels at home in any environment. It is available in black, white, greige and sage.

Uncompromising performance
Whisper Flex is an all-rounder. It has 26 settings, is energy-efficient and has a powerful motor with double fan blades. Moreover, thanks to the horizontal and vertical swing, the wind blows in all directions. And all that with minimal noise production.

Perfect sleep
In night mode, the display switches off completely after 10 seconds to ensure a good night's sleep. The display can be reactivated by pressing the operating button. At the lowest speed the fan produces only 13 dBa and thanks to the double blade design the cutting wind noise is reduced.

Every conceivable setting
Choose from 26 adjustable speeds and multiple modes. In natural wind mode, wind speeds alternate to simulate real wind. The night mode ensures a good night's sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Full control
The Whisper Flex has plenty of intuitive control options, such as the aluminium dial and the high-resolution LCD screen in the middle of the interface. Oh yes, you don't need to get up: you simply control the Whisper Flex with the Duux smartphone app or remote control, which magnetically clicks into place at the back of the device.

The extension piece transforms the
Whisper Flex from a table model (51 cm) into a floor model (88 cm). The dock and battery turn Whisper Flex into a true wireless fan. The battery lasts up to 12 hours, depending on the settings.

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EAN code


Product number




Remote control



Rotary knob






1 to 12 hours



Automatic Power Off


Night mode






Smart Platforms

Android, Homey, iOS, Tuya




The cover of the fan can be easily removed by means of a screw, so that the inside of the fan can also be cleaned easily.


24 months


Power adapter, Remote control, Manual

Header Technical specifications

Technical specifications


3 - 29 W

Consumption Standy mode

0,81 W

Power Supply Type

100 - 240 volts

Remote control battery

CR2025 Lithium

Sound level

13dB - 55dB

Header dimensions

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions product

34 x 34 x 88 cm

Width Product

34.00 cm

Depth Product

34.00 cm

Product Height

88.00 cm


4.50 kg

Dimensions Packaging

38.4 x 52 x 25.5 cm

Header category

Fan specifications

Air displacement per hour

2.300 m³

Wind Range

15 metres

Horizontal Swing


Vertical Swing



34 cm

Height adjustable


Dual Fan Technology



DC Motor, dual fan blades

Including Dock & Battery


Instructional videos
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Installation Battery Pack & Charging Dock

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Connect App

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This is not recommended due to the stability of the fan. In addition to the table model, the Whisper Flex Smart can be raised with the supplied extension piece.

If your Whisper Flex Smart makes a scuffing sound, the fan blade is probably mounted the wrong way round. The pins of the shaft should fit into the notches of the fan blade.

Yes, this is possible. A power cord is supplied as standard.



20 reviews

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20 Reviews -
  1. Marco

    Ich besitze den Ventilator jetzt ein halbes Jahr und bin maßlos enttäuscht. Positiv anzumerken ist, der Ventilator ist leise und kräftig. Folgende Punkte sind mir negativ aufgefallen:
    -die App und der Skill für Alexa funktionieren völlig unzuverlässig, somit ist die Smart-Home Funktionalität nicht gegeben
    -Reaktion auf Sprachbefehle dauern mindestens 3 bis 5 Sekunden und erzeugt oft einen Timeout
    -Ventilator entfernt sich regelmäßig selbständig aus der App und muss manuell neu eingebunden werden
    -sehr wenige Funktionen über App und Sprachsteuerung
    -App hängt sich auf und reagiert nicht

    Diese Probleme häufen sich, so dass es einfach unmöglich ist den Ventilator smart zu bedienen. Über die Fernbedienung funktioniert es.
    Der Support ist zwar freundlich, kann allerdings nicht helfen!

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    • wireless fan

      Laura Spooren

      Wie ärgerlich, das zu hören. Möchten Sie unseren Kundenservice kontaktieren? Dann können wir Ihnen dabei helfen 🙂

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  2. A. van Etten

    This summer use the fan used. A huge difference from the usual (cheaper) fans. Hardly audible at lower settings. Great purchase.

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  3. Ali

    The fan is quiet and does the job nicely.

    Setting up was not easy, as it could not use the standard WiFi, i had to setup a guest WiFi network.
    The app needs to communicate with duux servers to change settings on the fan, meaning the fan needs internet access and can't use the local network.

    The firmware on the fan can not be updated, which means if/when there is a vulnerability in the fan software, are stuck with a potential breach into your network. That's particularly bad as the fan needs internet access for smart app connection.

    Had I known above, I wouldn't have purchased the fan.

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  4. Chevalier Didier

    Super satisfait très silencieux la fonction sans fil un bonheur je recommande à tous vraiment le top

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  5. Me

    With high expectations today bought a grey Duux . Design, maintenance, sturdiness, sound etc perfect.
    What we are very disappointed with is the oscillation speed of the fan, which makes it take a very long time before a cooling breeze comes along. At speed 26 it is very slow. We will watch it, but as we experience it now we bring the device back. Based on the assessment of the Consumers' Association, we are therefore disappointed.

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  6. Sonja toddlers

    Duux wisperflex wireless now deliciously cooling in the bedroom,,,, but also when I sit in the sun,,, I can put him anywhere I want super simply

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  7. Lindy

    A top device! Am really very content with it. Nice addition when you don't have air conditioning at your disposal.

    Easy to charge wirelessly and use for hours. Is also very quiet and pleasant temperature.

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  8. Gerry

    Very satisfied!
    We bought a second unit to use in different bedrooms.
    I sleep like a baby when I use the appliance on position 1.
    The device is very quiet and therefore not disturbing while sleeping.
    With the second appliance I bought, the remote control did not work properly.
    After contacting customer service, I received a new remote control very quickly.
    I am very satisfied with the device, but also with the customer service of Duux.

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  9. John checkVerified Owner

    It works really quietly, only a pity that it only works on the 2.4 band and not on the 5 GHz WiFi.

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  10. Robert

    A great fan with 26 adjustable speeds.
    Very quiet at the lower speeds, making it perfect for use in the bedroom on warm nights.

    The supplied remote control works on infrared.
    You therefore need a line of sight to the receiver.
    The receiver is integrated in the base and it can be difficult to operate the fan if there is an object in front of the base.

    However, integration as a smart device has failed.
    The fan only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi.
    It's not that the speed of 5GHz is necessary but it would have been nice for the usability of the product if it had gone along with modern standards that both were a possibility.

    I have created 2 separate SSIDs on my router. One for 2.4GHz and one for 5GHz.
    I had to temporarily change the "Wireless Mode" setting on my router to "Legacy" instead of the default "Auto".
    Without this specific setting, the fan would not connect.
    Once connected, this setting can be set back to "Auto".
    Be careful when pressing the dial. If you hold it down for 5 seconds the device will reset and you will lose all wifi settings again.

    The app itself has few settings.
    I have Google Assistant which I can use.
    The fan only has 4 commands for Google Assistant.
    Switch On, Switch Off, Increase Speed & Decrease Speed.

    If your fan is at level 1 and you want to increase it to 15 via Google Assistant, you will have to give the command "Increase Speed" to Google Assistant 14 times.
    Within Google Assistant, there is no specific command to immediately set the fan to a specific speed setting.

    When I bought it a year ago, I contacted Duux about it.
    They sent me an email telling me to keep an eye on the app because there are regular updates.
    You can also find this in the app:

    Voice Commands.
    Here you will find an overview of the voice commands per device that are currently supported.
    Please note we are adding new commands on a regular base. Last update: 26/04/2020.

    So nothing has been updated here for a year.
    Alexa has more voice commands available.

    The vertical and horizontal swing is nice, but unfortunately it cannot be limited to a specific position.
    If you turn on this swing position, the fan will do the full range both vertically and horizontally.
    This is a missed opportunity, it would have been a very nice feature if this could have been adjusted via the app to set the most effective range of the fan.

    If you have a battery with the fan, you cannot turn it off completely.
    When you turn the fan off, it stops running but the display on the base remains on.
    If the fan is connected to the wall socket, it will always remain in this energy-inefficient mode.
    If the fan is connected to the battery, the display will also remain on until the battery runs out.
    With the functionality of wifi and remote control, I understand that the device needs to be in some sort of standby mode.
    It just would have been nice to have an option to turn the fan off completely without having to unplug it and let the battery or battery fully discharge if you leave it in.
    Now it remains an energy-inefficient device in standby mode.

    Beautiful fan but the smart functionality is poor.
    The fan was put on the market for a considerable price. You would expect that functionality will be further developed through application and firmware upgrades.
    However, this is not the case.

    You are better off with the ordinary Duux Whisper . This one is around 120 euros at the moment of writing.
    For 210 euros for the Whisper flex with battery you can really expect more from the smart functionality.

    Best fan I have ever had but the smart functionality and shortcomings irritate me immensely.

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  11. Geert-Jan

    A great fan. I enjoyed it a lot last year. Just installed it again and it cooled me down immediately. Unfortunately, the app no longer connects on the iPhone and IPad which both work on 5GHz. Fortunately, there is the old-fashioned remote control. I'm curious about the new Ultimate.

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  12. Wout checkVerified Owner

    I have two of these now, I used to have a dyson but it was too noisy. This one is really whisper quiet and works really well.

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  13. nicolai roelands checkVerified Owner

    Works great! Easy to operate via smartphone or Googlehome. Configuration very easy. Also the whisper flex button works very handy. Multifunctional use as for example bbq today. I have two whisper flex On battery set to position 9 that blow over the table and therefore not a single fly on our salads and meat to be seen. A relaxed and tasty meal. Afterwards, I put them in the bedroom and bathroom, so I can bring in fresh air from outside. No more of the loud noise from the mobile airco "wishper"? As they call it.
    The Duux whisper flex smart is really quiet. Great device! And ordered Sunday delivered Monday 8:30. Classy! Thank you very much, highly recommended!

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  14. Drdrees (via Bol.com)

    We have 3 of these wonderful devices in our house and we are very satisfied with this product.

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  15. Isabelle

    Got it for a year but this device is so nice, it's worth it! Convenient to use wirelessly, many positions and especially in the night nice and quiet yet cool! Thought it was quite an edition but no regrets. Highly recommended!

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  16. Jolie1984 (via Bol.com)

    Great, quiet, beautiful, convenient, everything I want in a fan! I like the natural wind and night mode and how quiet it is! Very well thought out, it's worth it! Fighting over who gets to have it here in the house, soon to order number 2!

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  17. Mark5773 (via Bol.com)

    Whisper-quiet fan that ensures a good night's sleep. In the lowest (two) setting(s), you hardly feel "that the wind is blowing", but I find that very pleasant. The app works very well and quickly. Connecting it was a breeze.
    Very solid material. It costs a bit, but then you have a top fan.

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  18. Mark (via MediaMarkt)

    Very quiet and that was the intention.
    Pairing app was easy and works very well. Solid material.
    Quite pricey, but well worth it.

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  19. Anniek

    Great fan. Assembled. Turned on and immediately bought the little one. It's super quiet. Got two little dots. I would have liked it a little higher. Would be ideal if in the future to order a rod in between so you can put it 20/40 cm higher. And the infrared point on the base is not very handy for the remote control. Luckily I have the app and I don't need it.

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  20. KimEindhoven (via Bol.com)

    Have had this fan for a few days now and can't think of any negative points. Extremely quiet, even on position 5 or 10. The rotating head is ideal for the bedroom so that you are not always in the air flow. App control is very fancy, so you don't have to get out of bed. In addition, the design is very nice and the workmanship high quality. Probably going to buy a second one for our son's bedroom. Top product!

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duux mobile brand big

Whisper Flex Smart

The wireless smart fan
without consessions

DXCF Whisper Flex top transparent
overview gen2 summer

Operate anytime, anywhere

With the new Duux app you control your device from anywhere in the world, set up to 7 schedules and get insight into the progress of your air quality. In addition, the design has been completely redesigned and connecting your product has never been easier! Curious? Read more about the new Duux app here.


Remote control


Smartphone app


The extension piece transforms the Whisper Flex Smart from a table top model (51 cm) into a floor standing model (88 cm). It is height-adjustable and, with its horizontal and vertical swing, effortlessly transforms from a table model to a floor model. And the best part? It is whisper-quiet, so you can concentrate on that one book or sleep in peace.

Height adjustable

90⁰ Horizontal swing

100⁰ Vertical swing

DXCF Whisper Flex Smart front sizes
DXCF Whisper Flex Smart lifestyle

Whisper quiet

Whisper lives up to its name. With a minimal noise production of only 13 decibels, this fan is barely audible. Natural wind mode alternates between wind speeds to simulate real wind. Night mode ensures a good night's sleep with minimal noise and an auto-dimming screen.

Separate night mode

13dB sound production

Hey Google

Control Whisper Flex with your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. Turn on the device or adjust the speed with simple voice commands without having to lift a finger.

Duux WWA
Duux Voice assistants
DXCF Whisper Flex Smart docking station

Every conceivable setting

Choose from 26 adjustable speeds and multiple modes. In natural wind mode, wind speeds alternate to simulate real wind.

The night mode ensures a good night's sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Completely wireless

Take cooling with you wherever you go. The dock and battery make the Whisper Flex a true wireless fan. The battery lasts up to 12 hours depending on the settings.

Charging via docking station

Up to 12 hours* usage time

* = In optimal conditions (position 1, oscillation switched off, 20°C ambient temperature, 50% humidity). We recommend to put the product back on the charging cradle after use to make sure the battery is always charged.

DXCF Whisper Flex lifestyle
wf energy

Very energy efficient

In addition to being quiet, Whisper Flex is also incredibly energy efficient. With only €0.03* (!) in energy costs per day, the consumption of Whisper costs less than €11 per year. (*5W consumption, setting 8, €0,22/kWh)

Wondering how much Whisper Flex consumption costs in your situation?

Compare all Whisper fans

Are you still doubting between several models or do you want to compare certain specifications or functions? Especially for you, we have put all fans in one overview! Still can't work it out? Please contact our customer service.


Sound level info

Night mode info

Wind range

Air flow info



Temperature-controlled mode

Horizontal oscillation info

Vertical oscillation info

Remote control

Available colours

Battery pack included info



Recommended price

whisper white (copy)

Whisper Essence


13 dB


13 metres

1300 m³


3-16 W





Mat design

34 x 33 x 99 cm


DXCF Whisper front high



13 dB

15 metres

1750 m³


3-26 W





34 x 34 x 73-95 cm


Front view of wireless Whisper Flex Smart fan in a black colour

Whisper Flex

13 dB

15 metres

2300 m³


3-29 W




Mat design

34 x 34 x 51-88 cm

€169,99 - €199,99

DXCF Whisper Flex Ultimate front app

Whisper Flex Ultimate

13 dB

17 metres

2000 m³


3-26 W



Mat design

34 x 34 x 58-103 cm

€199,99 - €249,99

Curious about the Whisper Flex Smart?

Watch the unboxing video!

YouTube placeholder

Whisper Flex Smart + Battery Pack

The ultimate fan completely wireless