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Whisper Flex: the wireless miracle. Thanks to the free smartphone app and optional battery, you can use this fan anywhere and take it with you; for example, to your bedroom or that spot in your garden where you like to read a book. It's height-adjustable and transforms effortlessly from a table top to a floor stand with its horizontal and vertical swing. And the best part? It is whisper-quiet, so you can concentrate on that one book or sleep in peace.

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The ultimate fan completely smart and wireless

Wireless wonder
Whisper Flex: the first design fan with the option to make it completely wireless. Thanks to the free smartphone app and optional battery, you can use this fan anywhere and take it with you; for example to your bedroom or that spot in your garden where you like to read a book. It is height-adjustable and transforms effortlessly from a table top to a floor stand with its horizontal and vertical swing. And the best part? It is whisper-quiet, so you can concentrate on that one book or sleep in peace.

Less is more
The fresh, modern design of the Whisper Flex sets new standards. With its attractive, sleek looks and ultra-modern LCD display controls, it feels at home in any environment. It is available in black, white, greige and sage.

Perfect sleep
In night mode, the display switches off completely after 10 seconds to ensure a good night's sleep. The display can be reactivated by pressing the operating button. At the lowest speed the fan produces only 13 dBa and thanks to the double blade design the cutting wind noise is reduced.

Uncompromising performance
The Whisper Flex is an all-rounder. It has 26 settings, is energy-efficient and has a powerful motor with double fan blades. Moreover, thanks to the horizontal and vertical swing, the wind blows in all directions. And all that with minimal noise production.

Every conceivable setting
Choose from 26 adjustable speeds and multiple modes. In natural wind mode, wind speeds alternate to simulate real wind. The night mode ensures a good night's sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Full control
The Whisper Flex has plenty of intuitive control options, such as the aluminium dial and the high-resolution LCD screen in the middle of the interface. Oh yes, you don't need to get up: you simply control the Whisper Flex with the Duux smartphone app or remote control, which magnetically clicks into place at the back of the device.

The extension piece transforms the Whisper Flex from a table model (51 cm) into a floor model (88 cm). The optional dock and battery turn Whisper Flex into a truly wireless fan. The battery lasts up to 18 hours, depending on the settings.


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EAN code


Product number


Header properties




Remote control



Rotary knob






1 to 12 hours



Automatic Power Off


Night mode






Smart Platforms

Android, iOS


The cover of the fan can be easily removed by means of a screw, so that the inside of the fan can also be cleaned easily.


24 months


Power adapter, Remote control, Manual

Header Technical specifications

Technical specifications


3 - 29 W

Consumption Standy mode

0,81 W

Power Supply Type

100 - 240 volts

Remote control battery

CR2025 Lithium

Sound level

13dB - 55dB

Header dimensions

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions product

34 x 34 x 88 cm

Width Product

34.00 cm

Depth Product

34.00 cm

Product Height

88.00 cm


4.50 kg

Dimensions Packaging

38.4 x 52 x 25.5 cm

Header category

Fan specifications

Air displacement per hour

2.300 m³

Wind Range

15 metres

Horizontal Swing


Vertical Swing



34 cm

Height adjustable



DC Motor, dual fan blades

Including Dock & Battery




Instructional videos
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Connect App

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This is not recommended due to the stability of the fan. In addition to the table model, the Whisper Flex Smart can be raised with the supplied extension piece.

If your Whisper Flex Smart makes a scuffing sound, the fan blade is probably mounted the wrong way round. The pins of the shaft should fit into the notches of the fan blade.


33 reviews

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33 Reviews -
  1. Joost Strobbe

    Just bought a Duux and am very satisfied. after buying 5/ 6 fans at the hardware store over the past few years this is what I was looking for. Really whisper quiet and nice design. well done Duux. Going to recommend it to friends. Gr. Joost

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  2. rajat.testtest

    Well, what can I say...saw these advertised on a TV selling program, they said they were amazing (as they would of course, they want to flog them) so I looked them up. When I started to read up on them, and saw how many places sold them, I dug a little deeper into who makes them. After a little while, I was convinced enough to give them a chance. They arrived super quick, took no time to put together, and it wasn't long before we were able to see if they were as good as they were claimed to be...they are, they've been on 24/7 since they arrived. They sip electricity, they are so quiet the cats don't mind them being on, you barely hear them, a massive plus is they're completely modular, so if a part breaks, you can just replace that part, and not the whole thing. The app control works brilliantly, the remote is very good...the digital assistant integration is very hit, and miss though, which is a shame. You can purchase a battery for these if you want to run them unplugged. Shame Very only stock the white version, and not the black, and silver versions though, but it is what it is. To sum up, they do what they claim they can, and are well worth it...they've performed incredibly well in the recent heat.

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  3. Carla Ramkalup

    I've had it for a year now and I can't live without it. Always a cool breeze, for a wonderful sleep. You hardly hear it. Sometimes I even forget to turn it off so quietly. Then you can turn it off remotely.
    Sometimes I put it outside and read a book in the sun without sweating. I am now going to buy my second one, because my children also want to sleep so quiet and cool. This fan really comes highly recommended!

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  4. infokoops

    I received these yesterday. Delivery went smoothly. Assembling and pairing via the app was easy. Operation can be done via the app and the included remote control. Nice that you can use this model via both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi. It is super quiet, a nice breeze. Really highly recommended on hot days.

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  5. Shelima Hoebdar checkVerified Owner

    love it just too bad you can't set like the flex how many degrees it can move vertically as well as horizontally.

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  6. Shelima checkVerified Owner

    Fine fan! Nice to see.
    I can't live without this duux. Air conditioner is nothing for me so then this one.

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  7. infokoops

    I bought this fan some time ago through Bol.com. I am extremely happy with it, nice and cool, several modes and quiet. Small downside, I received version 1, which only works on 2.4Ghz. I now have to use 2 apps for my Duux devices. App is not really necessary as the remote works fine. But it works a little easier then, everything in 1 app.

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  8. Olivier

    Acheté il y a 2 ans, je n'ai toujours que des compliment à faire sur mon ventilateur Duux. Toutes les choses promises sont au rendez-vous : silence, la fonction que j'appelle "brise en foret" qui envoie un flux plus naturel, moins continu, et la double rotation verticale et horizontale.
    Cette année j'ai fait l'aquisition de autres Duux pour apporté un peu de fraicheur à ma mère et ma belle-mère, qui ne voulais pas entendre parler de climatisation et encore moins de ventilateur (beaucoup trop bruyant disaient-elles) Elle apres un essaie avec le mien d'une semaine chacune, elle l'on adopté sans aucun problème.
    Donc les 5 étoile sont même partager par elles aussi 🙂

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  9. The caro

    Impossible de se connecter avec le wifi.
    Pas de pile dans la télécommande, au prix du ventilateur c est quand même une honte.
    Aucune explication clair sur le manuel en cas de problème (connexion Wi-Fi)
    Je regrette mon achat

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    • Laura Spooren

      C'est très ennuyeux à entendre. Vous pouvez contacter [email protected] et nous vous aiderons à résoudre ce problème !

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  10. John checkVerified Owner

    I would like to share my excitement about the Duux Whisper Flex Smart fan I recently purchased. Let me start by saying that this has been an absolutely great buy! If you are looking for a fan that will meet all your needs, look no further because this is it!

    First of all, the design of the Whisper Flex Smart is very modern and stylish. It fits perfectly into my interior and even adds a touch of elegance to the room. The slim and compact shape also makes it very easy to place it anywhere I need cooling.

    In terms of performance, I am very impressed. Despite its modest size, this fan blows powerful, refreshing air and quickly cools the entire room. I especially appreciate the different speed settings, which allow me to adjust the airflow to my liking. Whether I want a light breeze or more powerful cooling, the Whisper Flex Smart can do it all.

    The "Smart" feature of this fan is a real game-changer! Using the Duux app on my smartphone, I can control the fan remotely. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with my smart assistants, so I can even control it with my voice.

    Another great feature to highlight is the fact that the Whisper Flex Smart is whisper quiet, as the name implies. I can enjoy a cool breeze at night without being disturbed by annoying noise. It is truly a relief to have a fan that is so quiet and yet so powerful.

    The quality of the materials used in the Whisper Flex Smart is also excellent. I feel that this fan is made to last, making it a long-lasting investment.

    In short, I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am with my purchase of the Duux Whisper Flex Smart fan. It has exceeded all my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality, stylish and smart fan. With this fan in my home, I can get through the summer much more comfortably. Duux has really outdone itself with this model!

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  11. Cor van de Cappelle

    Great fan.
    We have the model with battery and a plug. It can only run on the battery and when it runs out of power you can run the fan on power and at the same time the battery is also recharged.
    We use the fan against flies in the bedroom, air circulation in the room/kitchen in winter and for air circulation in summer. We dare to say: an all-rounder.
    Is this model still for sale?

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  12. Aad Immers checkVerified Owner

    Purchased a whisper flux smart because it would produce very little noise. Am very happy with it is also very quiet afterwards another advantage consumes very little power on position 12 just 8 watts. High quality. Am very happy with this purchase.

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  13. Gerry

    This is really a Super Silent Fan that is especially quiet in the hot summers and of course gives a nice cooling effect.

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  14. Angelique Dekelver

    A perfect fan, super fast and with many features

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  15. lenie

    Wonderfully whisper quiet and cools great! Very happy with it!

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  16. Kitty

    Meanwhile, three fans from Duux in the house. I can't live without them anymore. With the heat, it's quite bearable... lovely breeze, almost noiseless.
    App and remote control work fine.

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  17. Jurian

    Purchased them since about two months, app was tricky for a while. But by splitting the wifi into 2.4 and 5 after that easy to adjust. Fan is quiet and with the functions easy to control, especially if you want it not running all day. Highly recommended!

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  18. jamie_heuft

    Super chill thing! Mega surprising how quiet the fan is. Nice design and super chill that it is smart.

    Only drawback may be that it is not very long.

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  19. Jamie

    Super nice thing! The fan is super quiet and has lots of settings. It is remote controlled which I like extra! Easy to install.

    Only drawback may be that it is relatively low.

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  20. Gerard v Doesburg

    We have it now for 2 years, it is really an asset, especially suitable for the night, noiseless, wind adjustable in 26 steps, there is always 1 in between

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  21. cedric.jacott

    Since 2 weeks a Duux Whisper Flex in house (through the Bijenkorf)

    The bedroom cools down quickly and even on the highest setting you can hardly hear the unit.

    Very happy with the purchase and also received a nice cover to store it.

    Highly recommended!

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  22. AnnekeWilmink

    When it works it is fine but the WiFi keeps dropping out and I have to reconnect it and take it to the router. Turning it on with the button is not so easier

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  23. Gwen

    I bought two Whisper fans 2 summers ago.

    When I got them out of the attic a month ago, one's power adapter stopped working and now the other's battery won't charge and beeps terribly when plugged in.
    When I pay €230 for 1 fan with dock&battery I expect it to work longer than a few months....

    In the meantime I bought 2 new fans that were a lot cheaper and were more powerful.

    No more Duux products for me!

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  24. Yvonne

    Super fan.
    Gives wonderful cooling without any noise.
    Even silent in night mode.
    26 settings so that you always get the right breeze.

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  25. John


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  26. Sonny

    Super fan it is so quiet fully adjustable with run app works super connecting can be tricky for a while but once it works you don't need a remote anymore
    Nachmodus is fine that the lights go off on the button no bad word about this fan best I know in terms of quietness also the service from Duux if there is something with your fan is top

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  27. Madeleine Van schagen

    Fine design, whisper-quiet and pleasant breeze, fantastic "natural" mode
    In short: to become happy!

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  28. Jopie050 (via MediaMarkt)

    Blows quietly and harder than expected. Really a super thing. The remote control is also really handy. No idea if the app is good, can't find it here. Overall it's worth the money. Double swing function, and 26 wind speeds. Ideal to have next to your bed because of its silent motor.

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  29. Petrareviewt (via Bol.com)

    Very happy with this purchase. I had looked carefully at the reviews of different fans beforehand. I chose this one and a tower fan for the children's room. Unlike the others, I am very satisfied with this one. It is very powerful, has many functions, the head can really rotate in many positions and the program for this is excellent. The controls are logical, even on the stand itself. Whisper quiet and a big plus that makes it stand out from many others: It can be dismantled for easy storage during the winter.

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  30. GravityZ (via Bol.com)

    Very nice fan from Duux. This is the first fan (and I have tried many) that is really quiet. Ideal for the bedroom. It has settings from 1-26 but is still pretty quiet on setting 4 but produces enough wind for a cool breeze. The fan can also move horizontally, vertically or simultaneously. This also happens very quietly but for me it gives just a bit too much noise so I don't use that option in the bedroom. I have 2 flex fans for the bedroom and a Flex smart (with wifi control and app) for the living room. With 1 of the fans I found that the fan blade was not quite centered which made it vibrate a bit. Just called Duux support and they have solved this perfectly. Operation with the remote control is very simple. You can also operate the fan on the fan itself. This is also easy, although you have to know how it works. All in all, I am very happy with this fan, both the Flex and the Flex smart.

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  31. Karflotij (via Bol.com)

    Because it was getting a bit warm in the attic, I decided to buy a fan. Looking for a fan that doesn't make a lot of noise (better for sleeping), stands firmly, has a display that can be switched off at night, can move both horizontally and vertically and can be controlled remotely (with a remote control but I much prefer using the app), you quickly come to this Duux . Not the cheapest, but more than worth it in terms of quality. Don't hesitate, just buy it!

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  32. L Banning

    Yesterday I received the duux windmill.
    It is whisper quiet.
    Easy to operate via the app.
    Beautiful design.
    Exactly as expected.
    I will buy a second one.

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  33. lisazoed (via Bol.com)

    A super quiet and fine fan. Best purchase of the year so far. I have a very hot room (read 30+ degrees when it's hot outside) and I can't sleep because of the noise of normal fans. This one blows hard and is quiet. The fan can also blow in all directions, so that the air flow in the room is maintained. There is also a function to get a natural breeze, which is super nice too (close your eyes and it's just like lying on the beach). It's also super nice that you can control the fan via both a remote control and an app on your phone.

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duux mobile brand big

Whisper Flex Smart

The wireless smart fan
without consessions

DXCF Whisper Flex top transparent
overview gen2 summer

Operate anytime, anywhere

With the new Duux app you control your device from anywhere in the world, set up to 7 schedules and get insight into the progress of your air quality. In addition, the design has been completely redesigned and connecting your product has never been easier! Curious? Read more about the new Duux app here.


Remote control


Smartphone app


The extension piece transforms the Whisper Flex Smart from a table top model (51 cm) into a floor standing model (88 cm). It is height-adjustable and, with its horizontal and vertical swing, effortlessly transforms from a table model to a floor model. And the best part? It is whisper-quiet, so you can concentrate on that one book or sleep in peace.

Height adjustable

90⁰ Horizontal swing

100⁰ Vertical swing

DXCF Whisper Flex Smart front sizes
DXCF Whisper Flex Smart lifestyle

Whisper quiet

Whisper lives up to its name. With a minimal noise production of only 13 decibels, this fan is barely audible. Natural wind mode alternates between wind speeds to simulate real wind. Night mode ensures a good night's sleep with minimal noise and an auto-dimming screen.

Separate night mode

13dB sound production

Hey Google

Control Whisper Flex with your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. Turn on the device or adjust the speed with simple voice commands without having to lift a finger.

Duux WWA
Duux Voice assistants
DXCF Whisper Flex Smart docking station

Every conceivable setting

Choose from 26 adjustable speeds and multiple modes. In natural wind mode, wind speeds alternate to simulate real wind.

The night mode ensures a good night's sleep thanks to minimal noise production and the automatically dimmed screen.

Very energy efficient

In addition to being quiet, Whisper Flex is also incredibly energy efficient. With only €0.03* (!) in energy costs per day, the consumption of Whisper costs less than €11 per year. (*5W consumption, setting 8, €0,22/kWh)

Wondering how much Whisper Flex consumption costs in your situation?

wf energy
sustainability spare=parts

Durable & modular

Did you know that Whisper Flex is completely modular in design? Should a part need to be replaced, it can be effortlessly repaired using a spare part. This ensures that your Whisper Flex lasts significantly longer!

Green packaged

And we don't just mean the color 😉 our brand new packaging line is designed with a better planet in mind: smaller in size, 90% less ink usage and completely plastic free. We even used water-based glue! To save paper, we created a handy quick guide that takes you directly to an online version. This is how we make a greener world possible together!

whisper flex smart black
consumer association 2024 2

Best in test

Drum roll, please! 🎉 For the third time in a row, our Whisper Flex fan has been awarded by the Consumers' Association! It seems our fan is as good at winning awards as it is at cooling. To celebrate, until June 30, you will receive a FREE storage cover worth €29.99 as a gift with the purchase of any Whisper Flex model of your choice!

Compare all Whisper fans

Are you still doubting between several models or do you want to compare certain specifications or functions? Especially for you, we have put all fans in one overview! Still can't work it out? Please contact our customer service.


Sound level info

Night mode info

Wind range

Air flow info



Temperature-controlled mode

Horizontal oscillation info

Vertical oscillation info

Remote control

Available colours

Battery pack included info



Recommended price

whisper essence wc thumb

Whisper Essence


13 dB


13 metres

1300 m³


3-16 W





Mat design

34 x 33 x 99 cm


DXCF Whisper front high

Whisper (2)


13 dB

15 metres

1750 m³


3-26 W




Glossy / Matt (2)

34 x 34 x 73-95 cm


whisper flex smart black + battery pack

Whisper Flex

13 dB

15 metres

2300 m³


3-29 W




Mat design

34 x 34 x 51-88 cm

€169,99 - €199,99

whisper flex ultimate black + battery pack

Whisper Flex Ultimate

13 dB

17 metres

2000 m³


3-26 W



Mat design

34 x 34 x 58-103 cm

€199,99 - €249,99

Curious about the Whisper Flex Smart?

Watch the unboxing video!

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Whisper Flex Smart Black

The ultimate fan completely wireless