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Get your bedroom spring ready in 4 steps

The birds are singing, the fields are filled with fresh flowers and we can even enjoy the first rays of sunshine - spring is in full bloom. Could your bedroom use a little freshening up? Time for a breath of fresh air through your bedroom: here's how to get your bedroom spring ready in 4 steps!


1. Out with the old

As the saying goes "A tidy home is a tidy mind". Research by The National Sleep Foundation shows that you sleep up to 19 percent (!) better in a tidy room. It's time to rid your bedroom of unnecessary stuff. Tip 💡: Give your stuff a fixed spot. Keeping similar items together and in a place where you use them regularly prevents them from lying around unnecessarily.

Are you a secret hoarder? Ask yourself if you would travel one kilometre for the item in question. Is "no" the answer? Then you can get rid of it with peace of mind 😉 .


2. Time for the real deal

Fabric furniture and textiles are like a magnet for (fine) dust, dander and dust mite. In addition to the usual bedding wash, your pillows, mattress and headboard shouldn't be left out during the spring cleaning.

  • Give your mattress time to air out. By not making your bed right away, you prevent moisture from nightly perspiration from penetrating further into your mattress. Do you have some extra time? Spread a thick layer of baking soda over the mattress and let it soak in for at least 15 minutes (the longer, the better). The baking soda adheres to the moisture and neutralises any unpleasant odours. Use a hoover to suck up the baking soda after.
  • Do you have a fabric bed or boxspring? Don't forget to vacuum your headboard to reduce the risk of allergic reactions from dust or dust mite.

Not a cleaning bee? With the following playlist playing in the background, your bedroom will be neat and tidy in no time.

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3. Keep it airy

Did you know that on average we spend 32 years of our lives sleeping? 😯 The more important it is to pay attention to air quality in our bedroom. Therefore, ventilate your bedroom daily to get rid of polluted air and let enough fresh air into the room. In addition, a air purifier with HEPA filter can help filter (fine) dust, pollen and other polluting particles from the air - so you can sleep like a rose.


4. The finishing touches

An essential oil with the scent of lavender not only brings the floral fragrance of spring into your home, but also creates an oasis of calm in the bedroom. This nap in a bottle has a calming effect and promotes sleep.

Happy cleaning!

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