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Effects of temperatures

The effect of temperature and humidity on COVID-19 virus

Through various media we are confronted with it several times a day. COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, has our country in its grip and has an increasing impact on our daily lives. Although this is no immediate cause for concern, it is good to take certain things into account to minimize the risk of infection.

Besides paying attention to our personal hygiene and keeping utensils clean, good air humidity can help reduce further spread. "The COVID-19 virus has a poor tolerance for heat and humidity", says an infection expert of the RIVM¹.

Temperature and humidity

Earlier research² has also shown that at a relative humidity of more than 80% or less than 20%, most Coronaviruses are still active after two days at a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. At a constant temperature and relative humidity of 50% less than 1% of the viruses survived after 2 days.

Ambient temperature can also have a strong influence on the activity and spread of viruses. For example, other viruses that cause respiratory infections tend to occur in the winter months. There are indications that this is due to reduced resistance of the mucous membranes in the nose when breathing in cold air³.

Measure = know

How do you quickly find out what the air quality is in your environment? A healthy (relative) air humidity is on average between 40% and 60%. Besides the fact that (too) dry air can lead to complaints like headache, dizziness and irritated skin, it can also increase the survival time of viruses and bacteria. A hygrometer such as Duux Sense can help you quickly understand the relative humidity of any desired room.

If you notice that the air in your environment is too dry and you want to change this quickly, you can choose one of our ultrasonic humidifiers. It is Tag is suitable for areas up to 30m² and works well in rooms up to 40m². Beam Beam is also equipped with a built-in hygrometer and can be remotely controlled with our new Smart App. A combination of humidifiers is always possible in order to cover larger areas.

If you prefer a natural way of humidification, then Ovi and Motion offer a solution. Both devices only humidify when necessary. The risk of over-humidification is thus excluded. Another advantage is that these types of humidifiers also have an air-cleaning function. Airborne particles in the air are captured by the PET+Nylon water filter in the Ovi, while Motion is equipped with a carbon filter to remove harmful substances and gases from the air.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately we cannot protect you with our products against the COVID-19 virus. However, we can contribute to improving the air quality in your environment so that bacteria and viruses spread less quickly and remain active for a shorter period of time.

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