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Cool room for an optimal sleeping environment

3 tips for sleeping better

Do you suffer from sleepless nights or do you regularly get out of bed on the wrong foot? Chances are your sleeping environment is not optimal. On the occasion of World Sleep Day, we share 3 tips for sleeping better with you - so you can be by your bedside bright and early tomorrow morning.


Cool room as a tip for sleeping better


1. Keep your cool

We probably do not need to tell you that tossing and turning in a bedroom that is too hot doesn't help you sleep, but what is considered the perfect bedroom temperature? According to experts, you sleep best at a temperature of +/- 18°C. That's because our body temperature drops when we are sleepy - if your bedroom is too warm, it can interfere with your body's natural dip. So turn off the bedroom heating, open your window or create a pleasant breeze yourself with the help of a whisper-quiet fan.


2. Sssh... 🤫

We all hate it when our beloved sleep is interrupted, but did you know that even the sounds that don't wake us up have a negative effect on our sleep? Even when we are asleep, our brain continues to register and process environmental sounds - so our body can't fully recharge when there is lots of noise. Therefore, a quiet sleeping environment is not only desirable for the light sleepers among us. So say goodbye to all of the unnecessary noises in your bedroom: television, smartphone, snoring partner...


Silence as a tip for sleeping better


3. Give the sleep hormone a helping hand

Light and our biological clock go hand in hand. During the day, it gives us an energy boost, and in the evening, it is dusk that gives the starting signal for the sleep hormone melatonin. If it is still too bright in the evening, our melatonin production is disrupted. Therefore, limit your screen time before bed, make sure your windows are blacked out and avoid (night) lights.

Not a morning person? This tip works both ways, so don't forget to open your curtains in the morning or take a morning walk to start the day off fresh.


Sleep well!


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