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Tag is an ultrasonic humidifier. This type of humidifier works with vibrations that noiselessly convert water into visible mist.
Dry skin
When humidity is low, the amount of water in the skin decreases, causing the skin to (partially) lose its elasticity. As a result, the skin can become irritated, itchy or even broken more easily, as is the case with cracked lips. Dry eyes can also occur.
(Too) dry air irritates the airways, which can aggravate asthma, COPD and allergic reactions.
When the air is (too) dry, it is more difficult for the alveoli to absorb sufficient oxygen from the inhaled air. As a result, less oxygen may enter the bloodstream, causing headaches, difficulty concentrating and fatigue.
Low humidity not only causes colds, it also makes you more susceptible to colds and/or flu. This is because virus particles remain in the air longer when humidity is low.
Static electricity
Water ensures that electrons can be conducted well, so there is less static electricity when there is a lot of moisture in the air. In winter, the humidity in the air is often low, so things become static more quickly.

Does the dry air in your home cause stinging eyes, headaches, fatigue or static electricity? Tag blows a mist into your living space, helping you to restore humidity to the required level. Experience the comfort healthy air provides for yourself, even when you've got your heating on.

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The compact and powerful humidifier on legs

Does the dry air in your home cause stinging eyes, headaches, fatigue or static electricity? Tag blows a mist into your living space, helping you to restore humidity to the required level. Experience the comfort healthy air provides for yourself, even when you've got your heating on.

Quiet and energy efficient
The great thing about this humidifier is how quiet it is. The cold mist is created by ultrasonic sound vibrations that are inaudible to the human ear. Another benefit of the ultrasonic technology is that Tag is very energy efficient. It uses up to 80% less power than traditional steam humidifiers.

Appealing design
The mist is best absorbed by the ambient air when you place the device on a table or sideboard. And that's why Tag has such an appealing design. Its stylish wood-laminated legs, its round shape and leather label give it a clean, modern and robust appearance. So why not give it a nice and prominent spot in your living room?

Instant mist
The ultrasonic technology directly ensures a visible mist. Do you have kids playing or pets running around? No worries. The mist is cold, making Tag completely safe.

Ten hours without refilling
The large 2.5-litre water tank makes
Tag a long-lasting success - for up to ten hours! And is the water tank almost empty? Then the light at the bottom automatically turns red. So you can immediately see when it's time to refill.

Clean air output
The replaceable cartridge on the inside of the water tank prevents limescale deposits both in the device and in the mist. As a result, the humidifier is easy to maintain and does not suffer from white precipitation due to limescale. The cartridge also keeps bacteria out.

Sold separately

  • Aromatherapy, anti-lime & antibacterial cartridge
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EAN code


Product number




Remote control












Automatic Power Off


Night mode






On Off Switch







24 months


Anti-calcium filter, Manual

Header Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Effective Space

30 m²


14 - 20 W

Consumption Standy mode

0,3 W

Power Supply Type

220 - 240 volts

Remote control battery


Sound level

36dB - 36dB

Header dimensions

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions product

29 x 19.3 x 31.2 cm

Width Product

29.00 cm

Depth Product

19.30 cm

Product Height

31.20 cm


1.65 kg

Dimensions Packaging

29.8 x 23.4 x 34.4 cm

Header category

Humidifier specifications

Operating time

10 hours



Max Output

250 ml

Max Operation Time





Suitable for aromatherapy


Contents Water tank


Removable water tank


Water level Indicator




Hepa Filter


Fragrance dispenser


Instructional videos
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The Tag is an ultrasonic humidifier that sprays continuously. You can set the Tag to two positions. When the water runs out, the misting stops and the water indicator light comes on. The Beam has a built-in hygrosensor. This allows you to set the desired air humidity. The Beam will switch off when this value is reached. The Beam can also be connected to Wifi, allowing you to operate it via our Duux app.

The Tag does not have a hygro sensor and cannot measure humidity. By placing a separate hygrometer, you can see whether the correct humidity has been reached.

Although this varies from person to person, we recommend a humidity value of between 40% and 60%.


17 reviews

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17 Reviews -
  1. Marco Bernard

    Nice design and is very quiet. Lime filter comes as standard, so that's nice. Is now in the bedroom and helps well against colds and coughs.

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  2. pascal maramis

    Nice design, does what it's supposed to do in space. So connect, and not too many buttons. Lasts 10 hours, enough for the whole night.

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  3. Bernardo van de Schepop

    Good for what I want. It disappears well in the middle of my plant vases. The best design I found in the market. All other are too robotic.

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  4. Fienij Muijlkens

    Sound level super quiet

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  5. Mona Dierkes (Via FonQ)

    I'm very happy with this purchase. Large water tank, goes easily one night, fine air and also looks nice in the room.

    Read more
  6. Fred Bosch (Via FonQ)

    Good value for money. It is a beautiful design, low-noise and last but not least it is a justifiably best appreciated product.

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  7. management

    Top product!

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  8. Sharon (Via FonQ)

    I'm very happy about it. Refilling is easy and the device can stay on for a full day before it is empty. Has a nice design and makes little noise. The lighting at the bottom is a nice addition. I was a bit shocked when unpacking, because the device was a bit larger than expected, but it looks fine on our sideboard.

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  9. Marijke Cups (Via FonQ)

    The machine humidified well, was very quiet, occasionally hearing the dripping of water. It is difficult to refill. The water tooth has to be removed. It would be more convenient if you could simply top up the water when it is switched on. Like with the Oskar, for example. You can't see how much water is left in it either. I also have an oskar, where you can see how much water is left. The advantage of the duux is that it humidifies better and is quiet.

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  10. Dave Westerlaken (Via FonQ)

    All in all a good purchase that we don't regret for a moment. We were afraid that the "mist" would give a wet spot, but fortunately that was not the case.

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  11. Gerard the Children (Via Coolblue)

    Works well and fast and also looks good and is quiet

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  12. Charlotte(Via Coolblue)

    It was a bit of a search for a place because it shouldn't be near furniture, windows and walls. But you can easily move it around.
    And I don't have a cough anymore.

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  13. Thomas van Vliet (Via FonQ)

    Design is fun, does it very well

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  14. Kristel (Via Coolblue)

    Beautiful design humidifier which is very quiet. Water tank is easy to refill. There is a lime filter. This is also replaceable. Has a nice spot in my living room. I am very happy with it and can recommend it to anyone.

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  15. Remco Beams (Via FonQ)

    Humidifier works properly and can emit a lot of fog. At night, I always set the unit to the lowest setting and don't have to refill it. Included lime and bacteria filter is handy and does not make the water tank much smaller.

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  16. Quentin Lievre (Via FonQ)

    Very happy with this product. It looks very modern, is easy to use and has a large capacity. Only disadvantage are the velle blue lights that are constantly on... For the rest a good product for a good price!

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  17. Wendy van Mansveld (Via FonQ)

    It's a beautiful design and it works very well for my son. It makes him less likely to catch a cold. That's very nice.

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